Special thank you to my co-authors – Drs. Aubrey Hnatusko, DACVECC and John Gicking, DACVECC.

This case series documents 11 dogs with confirmed anaphylactic hemoabdomen first described by Lisciandro GR in 2016 published as an Abstract in J Vet Emerg Crit Care.

Some important points:

  • All 11/11 (100%) dogs presented with acute weakness or collapse
  • Vomiting and hematochezia were also present in 6/11 (55%)
  • None (0%) had any cutaneous signs indicative of a hypersensitivity reaction
  • None (0%) had a witnessed envenomation, i.e. witnessed bee sting
  • All had hemoabdomen confirmed by abdominocentesis and an abdominal packed cell volume (PCV) compared to a peripheral venous PCV of ≥50%
  • All (100%) had sonographic striation of the gallbladder wall, the so-called “gallbladder halo sign”
  • AFAST®-assigned fluid scores were as follows:
    • small volume bleeders (27%) as AFS 1 (2/11); AFS 2 (1/11) for a total of 3/11
    • large volume bleeders (73%) as AFS 3 (4/11) and AFS 4 (4/11) for a total of 8/11
  • The frequency of Positive AFAST Views was as follows:
    • DH (82%, 9/11)
    • SR (64%, 7/11)
    • CC (73%, 8/11)
    • HR (64%, 7/11)
  • TFAST® showed no pleural or pericardial effusion (0%) in the 5/11 dogs examined
    • *expect no other sites of cavitary bleeding
    • #note 5/11 dogs had Global FAST performed
  • Vet BLUE® showed Dry Lung All Views (0%) in the 5/11 dogs examined
    • *expect no alveolar-interstitial pulmonary edema in single insult anaphylaxis
    • #note 5/11 dogs had Global FAST performed
  • All survivors (10/11) survived without surgical intervention being treated medically.  See our FASTVet Treatment Sheet by clicking here

*Also based on having treated over 100 canine medically-treated anaphylactic hemoabdomen

#Global FAST® prevents imaging interpretation errors and searches for additional complications and always is recommended

Listen to the MUST WATCH – Case-based Webinar on Anaphylactic Hemabdomen by clicking here

The Abstract may be found on PubMed by clicking here

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