NEW Course – Global FAST® Training Remote Lectures

plus  Hands-on Scanning Session – 9-hours RACE-approved CE credits

*Note: This is a different course than the “Online Only” Individual or Bundled AFAST®-TFAST®, and VetBLUE®-Global FAST® 21-hours of courseware for those already doing ultrasound that wants a more in-depth knowledge of our approach.

This course includes 6-hours of online lecture AND 3-hours of hands-on Global FAST® scanning session by Dr. Greg Lisciandro or one of our FASTVet Global FAST®-certified Instructors.

The 5-lectures cover AFAST®, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE®, combined called Global FAST®, plus a 1-hour Global FAST® image acquisition supplemental module (6-hours total of online lectures). Quizzes must be passed with a score of 80% to move on to the next module. Objectives are listed by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

These 6-hours of lectures MUST be completed prior to the hands-on Global FAST® scanning session with Dr. Greg Lisciandro.

Once you have successfully completed the Global FAST® course, a certificate for 9-hours of RACE-approved continuing education will be issued.

Send any questions to Dr. Greg Lisciandro at or by phone at 210.260.5576

This course is a game-changer for veterinary medicine and Global FAST® our new core skill!

Global FAST® Course Objectives

AFAST® – its target-organ approach, its abdominal fluid scoring system, practical and heavily case-based.

  • Its standardized methodology of view order, imaging target-organs in longitudinal planes, and standardized probe maneuvering.
    • Its use as a soft tissue screening test for abnormalities missed or only suspected by physical exam, blood and urine testing, and radiography.
    • AFAST® is a much better test for free fluid because radiographic serosal detail is unreliable. 
  • Its fluid scoring system for bleeding and non-bleeding patients.
    • Small volume versus large volume bleeder-effusion concept. 
    • Decision-making regarding transfusions and surgical intervention.
    • Tracking tool for worsening, static, and improving effusions.

TFAST® – its use for accurately detecting pleural and pericardial effusion, the 4 TFAST® Echo views, pneumothorax, practical and heavily case-based.

  • FASTVet rules for accurately detecting pleural and pericardial effusion.
    • Rule outs for pleural and pericardial effusion.
    • Why you should never “flash ultrasound” for pleural and pericardial effusion.
  • TFAST® echo views and their applications for 1) volume and contractility, 2) left-sided problems, and 3) right-sided problems.
  • TFAST® as a soft tissue screening test of the heart (because the cardiac silhouette is a poor test).

Vet BLUE® – the 6 Vet BLUE Lung Ultrasound Signs, its regional pattern-based approach for a working diagnosis, practical and heavily case-based.  The ultrasound probe is our new stethoscope!

  • Understanding the Gator Sign orientation, dry lung artifacts, and wet lung artifacts.
  • The Vet BLUE® B-line Scoring System and weak positives versus strong positives.
  • The Vet BLUE® Visual Lung Language of Shred Sign, Tissue Sign, Nodule Sign, and Wedge Sign.
  • Use of the Vet BLUE® regional pattern-based approach for a working diagnosis.
  • Use of Vet BLUE® to rapidly rule out wet lung conditions (<90 seconds).
  • Use of Vet BLUE® to track or monitor patients.


Global FAST® for Staging Patients

Recording Your Findings on Goal-directed Templates


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