The TFAST® Online Course Curriculum – 1-hour Modules

  • Module 01 – Overview of TFAST and Its 5 Views
  • Module 02 – The TFAST Right and Left Pericardial Views of the Heart
  • Module 03 – The Multiview Diagnosis of Pericardial Effusion
  • Module 04- The Multiview Diagnosis of Pleural Effusion
  • Module 05 – The Chest Tube Site and Diagnosis of Pneumothorax and the Lung Point
  • Module 06 – Case-based Applications of TFAST I
  • Module 07 – Case-based Applications of TFAST II
  • Supplemental Module – How to Do TFAST

 The TFAST® Objectives

  • Image Acquisition
  • Understand the Pitfalls and Artifacts at Each TFAST View
  • Know How to Diagnose Pneumothorax
  • Know How to Use the Lung Point to Assess Pneumothorax
  • Know The TFAST Echo Views and What Information Each Provides
  • Know How to Diagnose Pericardial and Pleural Effusion
  • Know How to Assess Volume Status
  • Understand the Advantages of TFAST over Radiography
  • Understand the Target-Organ Approach and Its Limitations
  • Apply TFAST to Multiple Patients on a Daily Basis

The TFAST Online Course is a self-paced, recorded course, that requires a passing grade of 80% on each Module’s Quiz prior to being able to move on to the next TFAST Module.  You have 12 months to complete the 7 Modules successfully followed by a Certificate of Completion with 7-hours of RACE-approved Continuing Education.

Registration Policies:  Once we receive your payment, your course will be activated.  There is a 10-day Money-Back Guarantee.  After 10 days, the course fee is Non-Refundable.  If you have already received CE credit for the course, you cannot receive a refund.

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