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FASTVetTM is committed to making veterinary point-of-care ultrasound a simple, practical part of daily patient care. Global FAST® veterinary point-of-care ultrasound combines our AFAST®, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE® into a single ultrasound examination. This new core skill is useful for veterinarians around the world!

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Leaders in Veterinary FAST and Point-of-Care-Ultrasound Education.'s proprietary approach to veterinary point-of-care ultrasound training leverages cutting-edge teaching techniques, tools, and concepts to support our continued advancement of clinical ultrasound skills. Our repetitive, standardized approach to every study empowers veterinary professionals to make quick, accurate, and informed imaging interpretations, leading to more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions.


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Using the ultrasound probe as a clinical tool is the next major advancement in veterinary medicine, granting vets the power to "see" a patient's problem list! To ensure practicing veterinarians have access to perfecting our Global FAST® veterinary point-of-care ultrasound skills, we offer three convenient ways to learn.
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Our Annual Premium Membership is $99/year. Members can access live and recorded webinars (full length and shorts of < 8 minutes), emergency and critical care and internal medicine blogs, and our AFAST®, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE® blogged video libraries. New members are also invited to join our interactive, members-only Facebook page.

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Our Global FAST® veterinary point-of-care ultrasound online course catalog includes 7-hour courses for AFAST® (abdomen), TFAST® (thorax, including heart and lung), and Vet BLUE® (more lung). All courses are available to both Premium Members and non-members.

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There is no replacement for hands-on, in-person veterinary point-of-care ultrasound training. You can join us at our FASTVetTM Academy in Austin, Texas, or have our FASTVetTM-certified Lead Instructor travel to your practice for Global FAST® hands-on scanning instruction! The Global FAST® course includes pre-work of practical case-based online modules with quizzes followed by hands-on In-Person proctored scanning of live animals to mimic clinical practice situations.

The information I learned will change the way I practice. I feel more prepared to handle and triage emergencies and difficult cases. Best thing I’ve done to improve the care of my patients in 25 years, Outstanding!
— Dr. Mike Pfeifer, DVM, Inglemoor Animal Hospital, Washington, USA
That was a great talk! I think it was the finest lecture pertaining to POC (point-of-care) ultrasound that I’ve ever heard. Thanks again for your time, effort, and expertise. Will look forward to collaborating with you on future endeavors! Best regards, Steve Venticinque, MD
— Steven G. Venticinque, MD, Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology & Surgery, Program Director Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship, Director, TRISAT Critical Care Consortium, Director, Audie L. Murphy VA Surgical ICU, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas
We had Dr. Lisciandro join us as a guest lecturer upon the Grand Opening of our emergency and referral practice, and all of our veterinary staff has now been trained in the use of FAST exams and Vet Blue. Having FAST at our fingertips has allowed our staff to rapidly diagnose and intervene in critical emergencies efficiently, cost-effectively to our clients, and without great stress to our patients. It is an essential component to nearly all of our triaged cases and is now an integral part of our initial database. ”FAST” has made the use of ultrasonography more accessible and less intimidating to our ER vets, and it’s standardized approach makes the transferring of cases between clinicians seamless and universal. In short, we could never go back to a”pre-FAST” way of practicing medicine. Thank you, Greg for a great day of lectures and for a fantastic wet lab. We eagerly await your publication to add to our library!
— Joanne Fagnou, DVM, 404 Veterinary and Referral Center
I thought this course was awesome (Global FAST). I use it everyday since I returned to my office.
— Dr. EB, DABVP, ABVP Symposium 2016
Dr. Lisciandro, I took your FASTVet course last Saturday. I almost never do testimonials, but already using it by 9am Monday. Relief vet saw a dog for sudden respiratory distress Saturday and began furosemide. This morning owner reports some improvement, but still having problems. With Vet BLUE saw lung rockets in all fields and a thickened left ventricular wall. Awesome to use something new that I've learned so quickly, great knowledge! Thanks
— Adam Popplewell, DVM, ABC Vet of Lewisville
Hi Dr. Lisciandro, I have been meaning to reach out to you and say how much I enjoyed your course and how much I have already used it in just the weeks since the Little falls, NJ course. I caught 2 pericardial effusion cases by looking at the size of the caudal vena cava and have rule in and rule out heart failure cases. I have taken several ultrasound courses and really thought your course was clinically relevant and engaging and it had changed my focus on how I perform ultrasounds.
— Amy Enkler, DVM,
Thank you!!! I had a great time in the lecture and lab. I came home and began to use this material yesterday as well as today. Thank you and I really appreciate a well-prepared class and yours was excellent.
— Craig Jones, DVM, Cleburne, TX
January 19, 2018 Hi Greg, Thanks for your help. That is the first time I have seen a large cystic structure on pre-operative Global FAST. That's why I do them on every surgical patient. Takes me 8-10 minutes to perform. I'm by no means an ultrasonographer. But I've done over 250 and it gives me a good idea of my patent's overall health. Wish I had the time to be trained more, especially echos, but I barely keep on the line with 4-9 new patients daily plus follow-up patients and surgeries. I'm trained more in ocular ultrasound at 20 MHz and high resolution at 50 MHz. The cat was otherwise stable on examination except being slightly tachypneic. I only charge $125 for the Global FAST but it is worth it to be able to screen them. I breathe easier. I could see fluid moving in that structure. Interestingly case. Anyone who doesn't do Global FAST pre-op is playing with fire, IMHO. Thanks again and your wife too. Glad to see you are lecturing all over the world.
— Bruce Silverman, DVM, Originator of Global FAST as a Pre-operative Screening Test, circa 2015
Cool case today, 16-year-old chihuahua presented with dyspnea, tachypnea, and cough to one of my associates. The dog had reported a history of collapsing trachea. On presentation 5/6 systolic murmur, lungs were difficult to auscult. The owner was reluctant to pursue but did OK a TFAST and Vet BLUE. The heart was huge with biatrial enlargement, no pericardial effusion or pleural effusion. Vet BLUE showed dry lung everywhere but over the right middle lung lobe (region) where there were tons of lung rockets. I offered her a presumptive diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia. The owner ok'd chest rads at this point which showed no clinically evident tracheal collapse, marked cardiomegaly with MS (mainstem) bronchial compression, no pulmonary edema or venous congestion. Right middle lung lobe showed air bronchogram and was read out by a radiologist as bronchopneumonia consistent with aspiration. The dog was started on antibiotics. I had a new grad DVM doing a working interview following me around today and he was blown away at how powerful a tool FASTVET was, in this case, getting an unexpected but accurate diagnosis so quickly.
— Bob Baker, DVM, VCA Baring Boulevard Animal Hospital
I wanted to thank you for an excellent presentation at the IVECCS (2014) Course in Indianapolis. It is so refreshing to use our ultrasound in a new and very practical way. I was able to easily find the landmarks you described and appreciate the immediate feedback you can obtain from the Vet BLUE (lung ultrasound) techniques.
— Dr. John K, DVM,
Thought I had a hemangiosarcoma for sure in a 7-year old Lab today that has been lethargic and tiring out easily but AFAST showed no free fluid and spleen looked good, TFAST showed an enlarged heart and numerous lung rockets. Chest radiographs sealed the deal that this dog is in CHF and needs some Lasix among other things! Yay, no death sentence : )
— Lisa Ohman, DVM,
Wow, I'm pumped up today Greg. Dr. H has a case of ascites and when she scanned the gallbladder, she saw an obvious halo sign. She hasn't taken your course yet but was aware of the halo sign. I had her bring the dog out to me to do the DH view and TFAST. The dog had a huge fat cava and an RV:LV ratio of 1:1. I told her the dog has some significant right-sided issues to be clarified. She's gonna try to get a full echo done as quickly as possible. VERY COOL! Then I had a severe acute respiratory distress just come in with a history of a 5/6 systolic murmur that had not been previously worked up. The Vet BLUE showed >3 lung rockets at 6/8 of the lung points. The dog was suffering and we ended up euthanizing it. Again, VERY COOL. On Dr. H's case, the chest rad only showed minimal R-sided enlargement. Without TFAST we would miss the degree of right-sided dysfunction. Thanks again for leading the way in a great modality. Incidentally, I would love if possible, to attend and support you next time you lecture to med students here in town. Blessings!
— Jim Horger, DVM , Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital
Hi Greg, Can't tell you enough how much we love doing FAST exams here. I have found MANY problems I would have never found without doing formal FAST exams.
— Joe Peterson, DVM, DABVP,
Hey veterinary peeps, If you have an ultrasound you must take this course! I have diagnosed so many pericardial effusions, anaphylaxis cases, congestive heart failure, etc. based on ultrasound. It's the best thing since sliced bread!
— Dr. Laura McLain,
Thanks, Greg, definitely a great lesson. I don't know what I would do without AFAST and Vet BLUE. They have truly changed the way I practice every day. You are a great teacher. Happy New Year brother. Blessings!!
— Danny Earl, DVM , Affordable Pet Care, San Antonio
Took the course at ABVP in October. Today had a dog that on a radiograph could have been a lung lobe torsion but wasn't quite as well defined as I would have liked. Vet BLUE confirmed in about 30 seconds. He is now resting comfortably post-op. Thank you Dr. Lisciandro!
— Bill McGee, DVM , Bridgeport Animal Hospital
Dr. Lisciandro, Thank you so much for this opportunity! I just wanted to share with you my first experience with Global FAST. My first day back to work was a typical crazy Saturday. A new client with a 10-year old mixed breed dog presented with a distended abdomen. After the physical exam, I explained possible causes and the next steps to take. The owner was very apprehensive to bite the bullet and spend the money on the X-rays and bloodwork I recommended. He requested just to do the exam today and go home to discuss with his wife. I then explained the Global FAST procedure which he ok'd for $60. I found free fluid at all 4 sites and was also able to visualize the heart well enough to evaluate right ventricular size to be normal. With this information, he then gave me permission for full labs and to send out the abdominal fluid!!!! It was really an amazing first experience with Global FAST. I had not been doing any of these views before this week, and I may have sent that dog out the door without anything had I not seen that free fluid. I am definitely hooked!
— Rachel Proffitt, DVM,
Greg, Kate did AFAST and TFAST on a patient that was not doing well. Found halo sign on gallbladder and then looked at the heart, Pericardial effusion. The clinic is excited. You are making a difference in Vet Med
— Ray Cox, DVM, VCA Deer Creek Animal Hospital, Littleton, CO
Hi Greg, I just wanted to share this one (case) with you. We had a cat come in through the emergency service today in respiratory distress. The tentative diagnosis was CHF and furosemide was given and the cat put in the oxygen cage. I was curious (although it was not my case) to see what the lungs looked like and did a quick U/S of the lungs - totally dry!!! I knew it was not CHF and it took me 30 seconds to rule that out! An echo was done later in the day and confirmed the absence of heart disease. I was so thrilled that I could tell within less than a minute what would have taken me much longer in the past to figure out.
— Roger Helmers, DVM,
FASTVet Premium Membership is a must for veterinarians performing Global FAST. The webinars and blogs are an excellent way to move from the classroom to the exam room. Seeing actual cases in which Global FAST made a difference gets you excited to turn on the ultrasound machine in the morning! For $99/year, it's the best value for continuing education I've ever spent!
— Roger Story, DVM,
Dr. Stamp et al. I took the AFAST/TFAST/Vet BLUE ultrasound course from Greg Lisciandro during my residency (just finished) and loved it. I would absolutely recommend a course with him (he wrote the book). There were 25 people in my class and the day was broken into 3-hours of lecture and 3-4 hours of scanning of hands-on in groups of 2-4 for ultrasound practice. This course also helped me create a template for FAST ultrasounds to improve consistency in the practice and quality of ultrasounds, which I use every day.
— Virginia Frauenthal, DVM, DACVECC,
I recently attended Dr. Lisciandro's FAST and Advanced FAST ultrasound courses at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging. It was one of the best ultrasound courses I have taken over teh past 20-years. There are so many practical applications that I can immediately apply to triage trauma and sick patients, to monitor their response to therapy, and detect potential complications sooner. I believe it will greatly benefit patient care and save more pet's lives. I strongly recommend taking these courses.
— Ginny Dodd, DVM, DABVP, Dodd Veterinary Imaging Services, Inc.
Rated 5 of 5 stars. Hi Greg, Best CE ever. So glad I attended. Using Global FAST daily for all triage, pre-op screening, ADR (ain't doing right), and trauma.
— Ahmad F. Hamad, DVM,
Greg, Yes, I have taken your course twice at ABVP, the last time two years ago. I always learn a ton, you are ever-expanding the applications of ultrasound!
— Britta Kiffney, DVM, DABVP,
The courses (online, Global FAST) are great. Learned a lot, already have diagnosed stuff that used to be under the "hmmm, what's that?" category (heart failure, gallbladder, pericardail effusion, lung rockets, small bleed after trauma, etc.). Dates taken so far, AFAST 5/30/2020, TFAST 6/14/2020, and Vet BLUE is next... Thank you in advance
— Marie Schretzmann, DVM,
Hey Dr. Lisciandro! I just wanted to express my high degree of satisfaction with your Global FAST course last week. In 19 years of practice (11 in ER/Critical Care), I have never been so professionally excited about having such a valuable new skill set. Just last night alone I was able to use the FAST techniques to find a lung point in a pneumothorax dog, support a diagfnosis of feline asthma prior to any further diagnstics, diagnose a caval syndrome dog with he 4-chamber echo view, and Vet BLUE without a radiograph (patient was dying and unstable). AND find a massive left atrial enlargement in a saddle thrombus cat! I feel like I have new eyes! Many thanks - I've already ordered your text and am pretty excited to continue to grow and develop my Global FAST skill set!
— Christine Eaves, DVM, Emergency Service Chief, Animal Emergency and Referral Center
Thanks, Dr. Lisciandro Just wanted to let you know that I came away from your course feeling like I am part of a revolution! Thank you for sharing an important technique and thank you for being so accessible from start to finish and then beyond. I look forward to gaining confidence and I put the Global FAST techniques into practice in the hospital where I work.
— Karen McGlothlin, DVM,
Hi Dr. Lisciandro First, I wanted to say thank you for all the information and materials you provide and teach! Finding your website and courses have made a huge difference not only in my career but in my colleagues' as well! Thank you for having the Global FAST courses available online as having access to these courses is amazing especially when we can't always get away to get the CE (continuing education). Thank you!
— Laurie Donovan, DVM, Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center of Westbury
If you open this, I really enjoyed the conference in Atlanta. Since coming home, I've found lung contusions in a kitten that turned out to have fallen (came in just ADR [ain't doing right]) and a collapsed lung in a dog that came in for coughing. So thank you!
— Lucy Roberts, DVM,
Hi Greg, First, I have to say your course was one of the most informative and relevant CE (continuing education) courses I have taken in a long time. I am so excited to go back to my p[ractuce and do these scans.
— Kelly Vernon, DVM,
Funny story that happened of our internet approached me and stated that she had been at ACVIM and sat in on a lecture about someone talking about "other" respiratory diagnostics that are "out there." His name was Greg "something." After I explained who he was, credentials, background, etc. she proceeded to go on and say that he was advocating for some "blue test" of the lungs. This opened the door for me to go on with the correct terminology and about how we use this on a daily basis in the ER, we review the techniques/book in resident board review, and the ECC residents practice regularly. After 45 minutes, I am pretty sure she had a new take on the whole topic....woohoo!
— Kelly Tart, DVM, DACVECC, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota
I took this course this past November 9th, 2018...and these past 2 days I have already expanded my use of my ultrasound... and have already seen pleural effusion in a cat with cardiomyopathy and recognized the abnormality in the heart chambers... plus picked up the rockets (B-lines) in a dog with early CHF...I am amazed at how it has added to my skill (set) and the ability to give my clients more information within the time frame of an office visit... I encourage everyone to consider taking this course.
— Joshua Winston, DVM,
Hi Dr. Lisciandro I recently attended your AFAST, TFAST, Vet BLUE, and Global FAST lectures at the AVMA Convention. Your lectures were by far the best I attended at the entire conference.
— Julie Johnson, DVM, Maple Knoll Veterinary Clinic
Hello Dr. Lisciandro I attended your FAST Ultrasound Series at the ABVP Symposium in Atlanta. I would appreciate a copy of your templates for AFAST, etc. (these are available in our Free Resources under Membership Resources of you mentioned during the lectures. I found the lecture to be an outstanding learning opportunity and was thankful to be able to attend.
— Jay Ipsen, DVM, Payson Family Pet Hospital
Greg, Can't help but comment that I think you and FASTVet are way ahead of human medicine. Your approach, right from the start, of standardized terminology, exams and scoring will benefit docs and patients, eliminating the awful drawbacks we have with human medicine. Humans wait until there is a consensus statement to standardize (long after the fact). Everyone develops a different set of terms and scores. Your approach makes research and evidence-based care possible light years ahead. Human medicine would benefit from having more vets (veterinarians) involved, we are just not as good at listening and being open, in my humble opinion...
— Ivy Boydstun, MD, Nephrology,
Dr. Lisciandro. I had a dog present yesterday in shock. The owner had to carry it into the clinical, she could barely stand, trembling, tachypneic, tachycardic, etc. I did an AFAST and found a gallbladder halo sign! My only other clue was one drop of blood from the rostral lip, no swelling. It was very rewarding to get quick confirmation of my clinical suspicion. I treated with dexamethasone, Benadryl, IV fluids - she was standing up and barking in her kennel a couple of horus later. I did another AFAST this morning - the halo sign has resolved, still no fluid score. Thank you for what you taught us a couple of weekends ago!
— Garrett Montgomery, DVM, Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic
Excellent course (Online Vet BLUE-Global FAST), groundbreaking.
— Ellen R, DVM,
Great meeting this weekend. Thanks to all of those that helped to make it happen. After marinating on all the information, my overall impression is that every veterinarian should take this course! The information is so straightforward and was so very well taught. I look forward to putting it into practice starting tomorrow.
— Craig Martin, DVM, Liberty Animal Hospital
Good morning Dr. Lisciandro, I wanted to let you know that your session: AFAST: Introduction and Its Target-organ Approach was one of our most popular sessions during this year's Virtual (2020) Convention... ...Congratulations on having such an important and popular session this year. Happy Holidays!
— Amber Auge, Continuing Education Manager, AVMA,
Hi Greg, Texasvets member and one who has attended your lectures several times--and not the most consistent user of FAST as I should be. But the first time I've had Global FAST make an impact the day after the conference (SWVS). Thanks to that, just diagnosed an acutely tachypneic, 14-year old dog with pericardial effusion, peritoneal effusion, pulmonary nodules, and wet lungs. In 5 minutes. The client was cash-strapped and could afford no other diagnostics. She and the dog came in at 5 and the pet was euthanized at 5:45. She thanked us profusely as her dog would likely have otherwise had a much less peaceful passing very soon... Thank you for your clear, concise lectures and that I spent those 4-hours with you to brush up on this!
— Carlye Rose, DVM, DABVP,

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After failing a "Big Five" abdominal ultrasound course in 1999, Dr. Gregory Lisciandro believed that ultrasound would never be an achievable skill for him in daily practice. However, during his emergency and critical care residency training in 2005-2008, he realized the immense impact of veterinary FAST ultrasound. As a first-line screening test, veterinary FAST ultrasound is rapid (information in minutes), low impact (no shaving, minimal restraint), safe, and radiation-sparing. This epiphany led to the FASTVetTM Mission: to train veterinarians worldwide in our game-changing Global FAST® ultrasound technique.

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