The publisher Veterinary Clinics of North America gave its authors a LINK for Free Access to our chapters in the just released edition, Point-of-care Ultrasound.  The LINK is glitchy, and we apologize that it has an unpredictability.  Thus, we are trying to provide ACCESS to all 5 articles via this post.  

Click on the links below for each individual article as you scroll to the bottom of this post.

THEN Click on the Green TEXT Box at the left of center TOP are that says “View PDF” and you can do the Free Download available for another 3-weeks or so.  Feel free to share with colleagues as well.

The LAST one is the Global FAST® for Staging Dogs and Cats and was FEATURED on the ACVIM Newsflash earlier this week!  Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this page! These links expire November 5th, 2021 so don’t wait to look at them…

  • Vet BLUE® is here in an article titled “Lung Ultrasound Fundamentals, Wet versus Dry Lung, Signs of Consolidation in Dogs and Cats” 

Click here to view the PDF on Lung Ultrasound! 

  • AFAST® is here in an article titled “AFAST Target-organ Approach and Fluid Scoring System in Dogs and Cats”

Click here to view the PDF on AFAST!

  • TFAST® is here in an article titled TFAST Accurate Diagnosis of Pleural and Pericardial Effusion, Caudal Vena Cava in Dogs and Cats

Click here to view the PDF of TFAST for Pleural and Pericardial Effusion!

  • Global FAST® is here in an article titled Global FAST for Patient Monitoring and Staging in Dogs and Cats 

Click here to view the PDF on Global FAST for Patient Monitoring!


  • The Preface is here “Point-of-care Ultrasound – The Awakening of a Sleeping Giant”

Click here to read!

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FASTVet Monthly Webinar March 2021 – Canine Anaphylaxis: More than the Gallbladder Halo Sign and Canine Anaphylactic Hemoabdomen – A Complication Every Veterinarian Should Know



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