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“The Day I Didn’t Use Ultrasound: What Did I Miss?  Abdominal FAST”

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Our May Monthly FASTVet Webinar is…

“May Global FAST Grand Rounds: Cases You Will Miss or Mis-manage Without Ultrasound”

Date: Thursday, May 4th, 2017    Time: 8 pm CDT

Join us for 1 hour of interesting case discussions focusing on the role of Global FAST in diagnosis and management of small animal patients. You would have missed these without ultrasound! Gregory Lisciandro, DVM, DACVECC will lead this interactive webinar. Please join us!

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May 04, 2017,8:00 PM
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“Anaphylaxis Related Hemoabdomen: A Complication Every Small Animal Practitioner Should Know About”

This FASTVet Monthly  Webinar focused on a unique complication of canine anaphylaxis that every veterinarian MUST know about.  The complication is “Anaphylaxis-related Heparin-induced Hemoabdomen” that is treated medically.  The hemoabdomen can be impressive.  Learn about the complication, how to recognized and treat it, and to make sue that you do NOT operate it as surgery will likely be fatal.  If treated correctly, outcome is very favorable!


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  • “Global FAST for CPR and Advanced Life Support”
  • “Using Global FAST to Assess Volume Status in Small Animal Patients”
  • “How to Perform Pericardiocentesis”
  • “TFAST Case Studies: Don’t Be Afraid of Thoracic Ultrasound”
  • “Comparison of Global FAST to Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Humans”
  • “Is This Patient in Heart Failure? Using Vet BLUE Lung Ultrasound to Evaluate for Pulmonary Edema”
  • “Setting Up an Ultrasound Program in Your Small Animal Practice for Proficiency and Profit”