This Global FAST® Course is 8-hours RACE-approved and includes 5-hours lecture PLUS a 1-hour Global FAST® Image Acquisition Instructional.  After successfully completing the online portion, we ship you an ultrasound machine and Dr. Greg Lisciandro remotely trains you in a 2-hour, real-time assisted sacnning session of AFAST®, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE® !

This is an awesome way to get trained in our new core skill of Global FAST®!  Sign Up ASAP!

NEW Course – Global FAST® Training Remote Lectures plus Remote, Real-time Assisted Scanning Session



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We are BUNDLING the AFAST®-TFAST®-Vet BLUE®-Global FAST® Online Course Fee for a signup of ALL 3 Courses for $895.

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