We have also included the Webinar on Anaphylaxis: More than the Gallbladder Halo Sign and a Complication Every Veterinarian MUST Know – read the Proceedings and double check all dosages.

Here is our recommended Treatment Sheet for Canine Anaphylaxis.

Here are our most updated Canine Anaphylaxis: Hemabdomen and More than the Gallbladder Halo Sign

Watch the 1-hour Webinar with Actual Anaphylaxis Hemaobdomen Cases!  We have likely seen and managed more of these cases than anyone in the world (~100).  Importantly, our Treatment Protocol reverses the acquired coagulopathy, that likely has both heparin and bradykinin as major players, through the use glucocorticoids initially and over the next several days.

You must stop the “second episode of anaphylaxis” in these dogs with positive AFAST fluid scores, documented hemoabdomen, and abnormal coagulation profiles.

Enjoy the FASTVet Cutting-edge Original Webinar!  Send comments to Greg Lisciandro, DVM, DABVP, DACVECC at LearnGlobalFast@gmail.com

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