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How is your All-day Hands-on San Antonio AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® Course setup?

 The RACE-approved 8-hours CE Global FAST Course includes 4.5 hours of morning lecture – case-based AFAST, TFAST and Vet BLUE – then lunch followed by 3.5 hours of afternoon AFAST, TFAST and Vet BLUE scanning with no more than 3-4 attendees per station.  Each station has a FASTVet-certified Instructor and a technician holding a minimally sedated dog like real-practice situations.

Can I get Continuing Education Credit for any of the FASTVet Courses?

 Our Live Webinars and All-day Hands-on Training AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® Courses are Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners-approved for 1-hour and RACE-approved 8-hours, respectively.

Why is Dr. Greg Lisciandro so passionate about the use of the AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® ultrasound examination formats?

 Dr. Greg Lisciandro realized quickly in 2005 how often he was missing conditions by not performing these ultrasound formats.  By using AFAST and TFAST in a goal-directed, disciplined manner, he quickly learned ultrasound after being deterred several years earlier by the overwhelming task of proficiently performing a complete abdominal ultrasound after a 2-day course.

Will I be able to use AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® ultrasound exams on a daily basis ?

 Dr. Greg Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC has been in practice for 25 years of which about half that time in general practice and the other in emergency and critical care.  These formats may be used every day as extensions of the physical examination for any and all dogs and cats that are abnormal (T3: Trauma, Triage and Tracking). These techniques are relative easy to learn, yet very cerebral — AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® help answer different clinical questions and evaluate patients differently than traditional complete abdominal ultrasound and complete echocardiography.  In fact, the analogous Global FAST strategy is catching on in human medicine because you may have ordered a complete abdominal ultrasound and the problem is in the heart or lung and vice versa (Chest 2016).

How close is the All-day RACE-approved 8-hours CE Hands-on AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® Course held at the San Antonio Humane Society to the San Antonio International Airport?

 The location is within minutes from the San Antonio International Airport. We recommend the following hotels:  Fairfield Inn and Suites at 88 Loop 410 NE, San Antonio TX 78216, 210-530-9899 or Marriott Courtyard at 80 Loop 410 NE, San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-530-9881.  Email Stephanie at if you would like additional suggestions or travel related information.  Moreover, the course location is central and only minutes from downtown and our beautiful River Walk, The Alamo, Fiesta Texas, and Sea World as well as within 30-45 minutes of the Guadalupe, Blanco, San Marcos and Comal Rivers.

When should we expect the Online AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® Courses?

 21-hours of RACE-approved Global FASTSM Courseware now available! – 7-hours AFAST®, 7-hours TFAST® and 7-hours Vet BLUE® – Global FASTSM Courses. The FASTVetTM Online courses have received excellent reviews.

Is your textbook Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner available in other languages?

The textbook is available in Spanish and Greek and very soon in Japanese and Chinese!

Here is the link for the Spanish translation (cut and paste into your browser):

Does FASTVetTM want suggestions for subject content from its Premium Members?

 Absolutely!  Feel free to email Dr. Greg Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC at

Do you recommend certain ultrasound machines and ultrasound companies?

 We have experience with several different types of ultrasound machines, and do have different ultrasound companies sponsor our courses.  However, we do not specifically endorse any ultrasound machines or companies.  We vary sponsorship with companies whose equipment we have confidence in performing AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® formats.  Moreover, attendees may select course-sponsorship according to their ultrasound machine interests or course-sponsorship consistent with similar machines currently used at their practices.


We see that Dr. Stephanie Lisciandro, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM also is part of Does she, as a specialist in small animal internal medicine, perform these formats?

I (Dr. Greg Lisciandro) will answer that question.  First, it was Dr. Stephanie Lisciandro who directed me to start looking at the caudal vena cava on EVERY FAST examination because she informed me that the caudal vena cava was a great marker for patient volume status (especially when cats and dogs become volume over-loaded, the so-called FAT cava).  She put us way ahead of our time as medical doctors are now instructed to always look at the inferior cava in humans.  The cava  has become the new central venous pressure!

On the other hand, Dr. Stephanie Lisciandro, a mobile sonographer and consultant, has implemented the AFAST® fluid scoring system in her complete abdominal ultrasound evaluations, the use of TFAST® for pneumothorax, and passionately agrees that Vet BLUE® lung ultrasound is a major advancement for small animal veterinary medicine.  Check out her Internal Medicine Blogs and see for yourself.

What future do you see in Global FAST (AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® combined)?

  Global FASTSM is a powerful extension of the physical examination and a completely different way to evaluate and monitor our canine and feline patients.  I truly believe that Global FASTSM will stand the test of time and become a new accepted ultrasound format.

The Global FAST format is very similar to FAST and the RUSH (Rapid Ultrasound in Shock) exam. *Local trauma surgeons in our area are being trained to do FAST and RUSH combined (and Global FAST lends itself to even more clinally-relevant patient information because we (Global FASTSM) more throughly evaluate lung during Vet BLUE®, have a fluid scoring system, and a urinary bladder estimation formula (length x width x height (cm) x 0.625 = estimation (ml) – over time have non-invasive urine output).

*We have had a Trauma Surgeon Fellow and an Anesthesia Fellow (MD), and a Nephrologist take our FASTVet Course at our FASTVet Academy in San Antonio, Texas.

What are your References for the AFAST, TFAST, and Vet BLUE Online Courses?

For Publications and References of Clinical Studies please click on this link!

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