“Misty” is a 4 year old F/S English Setter who presented to her veterinarian for inappetance and weight loss. She had lost 6 lbs in the course of 3 weeks. She had an occasional dry cough but no other specific clinical signs were reported. The working diagnosis based on a brief ultrasound exam by the referring veterinarian, untrained in AFAST®, TFAST® and Vet BLUE® formats, was stump pyometra.

She presented to me for a complete abdominal ultrasound.  The complete abdominal ultrasound showed no specific abnormalities to explain her clinical signs and a stump pyometra was not present. Thoracic radiographs were recommended for additional evaluation. Her referring veterinarian was reluctant to perform radiographs because it was felt that the cough was insignificant based on clinical impression and unremarkable lung auscultation. However, the referring veterinarian was persuaded to allow me to perform a Vet BLUE® lung ultrasound exam.  This is a preview of the blog only.  To continue reading the blog, become a Premium Member.

Nodule sign in coccidioidomycosis

Nodule Sign in Coccidioidomycosis

SubIcon Vet BLUE Nodule Sign

With permission from Chapter 10: Vet BLUE® in Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Wiley 2014

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